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I need to connect a php in a linux box with a microsoft sql server. It's a customer request.

After some research about installing linux php extensions and mssql drivers I quit.

There are always problems with propietary drivers, there is no native way to make it work. If you want to spend time with it, good luck. Otherwise better use a windows with sql client and php.

I don't know why someone would ever use a ms sql server, If you want a database better use mysql or postgresql. If you need to use the propietary sql server… mess it with windows.

That's what I've tried:



Using a VPN to connect directly to the mssqlserver, I just used a php server script to get the SQL and return a array. The script is executed on a windows, and the client can be used in any enviroment. This is not the best solution, and not de most efficent one, but it just works


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